Recording New Album


Dan Warner recording new album
The First Day

Well, I’ve finally finished those songs I was talking about and have headed into the studio to record them. I’ve decided to go with an extended ‘Night Parrots’ production team  – with Marcel Borrack in the main chair, ably assisted by Tim Harvey.

I’m pretty excited, to tell you the truth, as this time I feel like I’ve written some songs quite unlike my old stuff (and some in the same style), so the mood is new… I’ve decide to give the producers full control over the project – so I’ve just turned up for a day or two here and there, recorded the bare bones of the songs, and let Tim and Marcel build the songs up from there.

When I go back to the studio a week or so later, it’s like Xmas Day as a kid. I get to sit down and listen to where these two great musicians have taken my songs.

It’s a great adventure. D