Dan Warner is a songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. In the 80s and 90s, Dan sang and played rhythm guitar in several local bands including The Warner Brothers, Overnight Jones, Dan & Al and The Largest Living Things.

After a brief sojourn in the US in the early 2000s, Dan returned to Australia to record his first solo album ‘A Likeness of You’, followed by ‘Night Parrots’ and ‘Fall Into The Sky’. All albums are available on Bandcamp.

Dan now plays with his band ‘The Night Parrots’ featuring Marcel Borrack, Nathan Farrelly and Ash Davies. The band is currently recording a new album, set for release in 2022.


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The Isle of Hop – Digital Release

I was talking to Al MacInnes on the phone today, saying how great it was that, over the past few weeks, a lot of old friends and supporters have been buying my albums on Bandcamp. Obviously, I have lost all my gigs – (like all Melbourne musos) – so, this show of support has been incredibly humbling – and encouraging.

So, Al and I thought it was about time we put up the Dan & Al album for anyone who wants to download it. is the only Dan & Al release and features lots of live/early versions of some of our original songs – Bernie, Fortuna, Circus Boy – plus a lot of other weird stuff.

Anyway, if you’re interested, here’s a link to the download – and, yep, this kind of support makes a huge difference. Thanks again to Al and to all

This is the sole release of the celebrated Melbourne 90s duo – Dan Warner and Al MacInnes. Dan & Al were known for their long residencies at The Punters Club, The Corner and The Great Britain.

All the tracks are single takes, recorded either live at a gig or live in the studio.

Every year, on the last Sunday before Christmas, Dan & Al play a reunion show at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne, Australia.
credits released August 4, 1999

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