Warner Corner – Protest

This week, JVG’s theme for the radio show was ‘Protest’.

Many years ago, in the ’90s, I sent these lyrics to my good friend Sally Dastey from the band, Tiddas. Sally wrote the perfect music and melody for the words – a song all about words.

The song is called Anthem and the definitive version, believe me, is on Tiddas’s self-titled record from, I think, 1996.

Incredibly disappointing that this song is still relevant today.


Bass – Nathan Farrelly; Lap steel – Ed Bates; Accordion and BVs – Dave Evans; Guitar & Vocal – Dan Warner






Warner Corner – Blue

This week, JVG’s theme for the RRR show was ‘Blue’.

Yes, I love Roy Orbison, but I love Linda Ronstadt even more…

Luckily Barb Waters was in at the station that weekend and saved the day with some beautiful harmonies.

Thanks Barb!


BVs – Barb Waters; Accordion & BVs – Dave Evans; Mandolin & BVs – Greg Field; Guitar & Vocal – Dan Warner; Recorded and mastered by Mike Thatcher






Warner Corner – George

This week, JVG’s theme for his RRR radio show was ‘George’.

Many will know I’m a big Rod Stewart fan, some even say I look a little like him (hmmmm).

I’m also a fan of protest songs – who would have thought that Rod would have been one of the first artists in the ’70s to pen a song about gay rights.

Onya Rod…


Accordion & BVs – Dave Evans; mandolin, Violin and BVs – Greg Field; bass and BVs – Nathan Farrelly; lap steel – Ed Bates; guitar & vocal – Dan Warner






Warner Corner – Wisdom

This week, JVG’s theme for the radio show was ‘Wisdom’.

I wrote this song years ago, ‘She Remembers Everything’, about a person who is spending some time in a kind of emotional cocoon – mulling things over, learning from experience – so it seemed the right kind of song for the theme.

As the band was playing another song with Georgie on the day, I thought I’d bash this one out alone. Took both Jon and me back to the early days of the show, in the late 90s, when I’d perform solo each week. Over 20 years ago!



Guitar & Vocal – Dan Warner






Warner Corner – Theft

This week’s theme was ‘Theft’.

Kev Carmody is one of Australia’s great protest-song writers. This one, Thou Shalt Not Steal, takes the so-called moral lessons of the bible and throws them back in the face of the hypocrites.

We obviously need more protest and more protest-songs…


Bass and BVs – Nathan Farrelly; Accordion and BVs – Dave Evans; Lap Steel – Ed Bates; Guitar and Vocal – Dan Warner