Warner Corner – Lake Marie

A few weeks back now, JVG’s theme for the RRR radio show was ‘bodies of water that evoke memories/emotion’.

Yep, quite a theme – thanks Jon!

One of the most astounding songs I’ve ever heard that incorporates water and memory and metaphor is John Prine’s Lake Marie. I was lucky enough to see John perform the song live at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne (thanks to my mate Gerard). I remember on that night, another muso mate – James Kenyon – was sitting not far from me, in the front row. I remember James’s head swaying through the gig, and that he was wearing a green trucker’s hat with ‘Lake Marie’ printed on the front of it.

So, we gave the song a go on the show – sounds a bit weird with my Australian accent. Vale John Prine. What a writer. D

Lake Marie:  Bass – Nathan Farrelly; Lap steel – Ed Bates; Accordion and BVs – Dave Evans; Guitar & Vocal – Dan Warner

As Pumpy was away that Sunday – we played a bonus track: Nanci Griffith’s Banks of the Pontchartrain…

Banks of the Pontchartrain: Bass – Nathan Farrelly; Lap steel – Ed Bates; Accordion and BVs – Dave Evans; Mandolin and vocal – Greg Field; Guitar & Vocal – Dan Warner

This is the sole release of the celebrated Melbourne 90s duo – Dan Warner and Al MacInnes. Dan & Al were known for their long residencies at The Punters Club, The Corner and The Great Britain.

All the tracks are single takes, recorded either live at a gig or live in the studio.

Warner Corner – Five Bells

This recording is actually from an Ebb Tide show from early 2020. The theme was ‘bodies of water’.

I’ve always loved the Kenneth Slessor poem, Five Bells, written about his mate Joe Lynch who drowned in Sydney Harbour (he fell off a ferry on his way to a party).

Anyway, I had a crack at reading Five Bells on the RRR show. I lopped off the opening invocation, just to shorten it a bit. I also made a couple of small mistakes – apologies to the purists.

My mate Mike Thatcher recorded it, mixed it and produced it – thanks Thatch!