Warner Corner – Handy Man

A weird theme this Sunday – ‘people with lots of partners/lovers’.

Obviously not an area I’m experienced in…

I also didn’t realise that James Taylor didn’t write Handy Man – it was originally released in 1959 by Jimmy Jones (and co-written by Otis Blackwell).

So the day hadn’t started well – but we sang the song anyway…

Lap Steel – Ed Bates; Backing Vocal – Nathan Farrelly; Vocal & Guitar – Dan Warner

Handy Man

Warner Corner – Sailors

Today’s theme was ‘Sailors’.

Lucky I chose this song – we found out on the day on the radio that ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ was the first album our violin player Greg Field ‘bought with his own money’.

To quote Dylan Thomas: ‘the one love of his sea-life that was sardined with women…’

Violin – Greg Field; Lap Steel – Ed Bates; Accordion – Dave Evans; Vocal & Guitar – Dan Warner

Sweet Painted Lady – Elton John

Warner Corner – Affair

Today’s theme was ‘Affairs’. So many great songs to choose from – I was tempted to try ‘Me and Mrs Jones’, but thought it might be a bit of a stretch! 

I threw the theme out to my mates in my local bar on Friday night – my friend Gerard suggested this George Jones honky tonk classic.

Great performance by these accompanying musicians:

Lap Steel – Ed Bates; Accordion and BVs – Dave Evans; Bass and BVs – Nathan Farrelly; Violin – Greg Field; Vocal & Guitar – Dan Warner

The Window Up Above