Warner Corner – Faces

This week JVG’s theme was ‘Faces’. I decided to play the Beatles song from Help, ‘I’ve Just Seen A Face’. Luckily Dave Evans had stayed at my joint in the country on Friday night (we played a show at Rattlers in Wallan) so we had some time to work on the song.

We were also lucky that my diligent and talented bass player, Nathan Farrelly, agreed to play his twelve-string. So, the line-up is Ed Bates on lap-steel; Dave Evans on accordion and vocals; Nathan Farrelly on acoustic 12-string; and I’m having a sing and playing my trusty Maton flat top.


Warner Corner – Doll

A difficult theme this week: doll. Of course the first song that came to mind was Cliffy’s ‘Living Doll’. Not this week. I’d also played the Grateful Dead’s ‘China Doll’ on Warner Corner before, so that was out too. I finally settled on Elvis Costello’s ‘All Time Doll’ from his recent acoustic album, ‘Secret, Profane and Sugarcane’.

No Dr Bellows in da house this week, so the on-air team was a little diminished. Ed Bates – lap steel; Nathan Farrelly – bass and BVs; moi aussi on vocals and Maton Em-325. It takes me a while to grab the melody, but we’re up and away by verse 2.

Also, this Sunday was the occasion of the Mick Cameron memorial gig at The Lomond. Mick was very much a local identity and wrote a swagful of songs for several ratbag outfits, including Sandilands and Headbelly Buzzard. On this Sunday, Ed Bates, Nathan Farrelly and I were joined by two of Mick Cameron’s close compatriots: Aubrey Maher on guitar and Tony Hargreaves on piano accordion. The song is ‘I Hear The Wind’ from the Sandilands album, ‘Cookin’ Crabs’.

I Hear The Wind