Warner Corner – Rollin’

IMG_1019At this stage, I’d missed a few weeks. JVG’s theme this Sunday (in July ’16) was ‘Rollin’ but, as I’d been away, I thought JVG might cut me some slack and let me play a ‘roll’ song, rather than a ‘rollin’ one.

I’d been a fan of the Felice Brothers for years – the night they played at the Prince of Wales in St Kilda was such a great show – and, at some stage, in an attempt to cheer me up, my brother Josh had sent me this song. Always makes me fee better when I hear it…

Anyway, Jon kicked up a stink on air about Roll on Arte not being ‘thematically’ correct – so we chucked in a version of Ol’ Man River. The performance has a couple of clangers in it but, at least, it shut JVG up – momentarily…

Musicians: Dan Warner – guitar and vocal; Nathan Farrelly – bass and backing vocals; Dave Evans – accordion and backing vocals; Ed Bates – lap steel

Bonus Track