Thanks to those of you who came along to the duo show I played with James Stewart last weekend (now dubbed the ‘crazy pony’ gig).

The good news is that the full ‘Warner Brothers’ ensemble returns to The Yarra Hotel in Abbotsford on Sat 27th April (yes, I got confused about the date on stage last weekend…a little over-excited to see those old friends from the Beehive methinks). So, on the 27th it’s The Warner Brothers, featuring our original drummer, the ridiculously good-looking James Carden.

We’ll be playing songs from our first record, Talking In Your Sleep, plus a lot of those old rock ‘n’ roll numbers we used to play in the old days. The show starts at 8.30 and is all over by 11…so come over early and join us for a beer and a bite. The Warner Brothers at the Yarra Hotel, 295 Johnston St, Abbotsford, Saturday 27th April.

The Warner Brothers – Goin’ Up The Country

If you missed The Warner Brothers reunion gig at the Lowy at the end of last year – we’re happy to announce that the band has decided to play another show, hopefully the first of many for 2013.

This time The Warner Brothers are playing in a country location, appropriate for the band’s history and their music.

On Saturday night 19th January the band will crank up agin at The Beveridge Tavern, Beveridge (the birthplace of Ned Kelly). Beveridge is just north of Melbourne on the old Hume (and not far from Wallan, Kilmore and Wandong).

Let’s face it, the pub’s on a hill north of Kalkallo…come and sing the song in situ! The gig is free and starts at 8.30pm. Accom is available; give Mick at the pub a ring on (03) 9745 2422 beveridgetavern.com.au


Dan & Al from The Fang

Dan & Al from The FangWe’re happy to announce that the annual Dan & Al reunion show will crank up once again on the last Sunday before

Christmas at our old musical home, The Corner Hotel, Richmond (Sunday 23rd December). I’m wondering if Al can surpass his press release from last year that reads thus: ‘Dan and Al are a couple of withered shards of yesteryear. They play only once a year lest they kill each other, though chances are one of them will weep onstage at some point. Dan will become boisterous, magnanimous and mildly violent. Al will become embarrassed and frozen with fear. Are you a ludicrous freak show trapped in an inexplicable vortex of tragic nostalgia and ennui? Tickets are strictly limited, though each year ensures this risk diminishes’. Hmmm. Sounds like fun? Well, get in early. Tickets are cheap as a Xmas Cracker from the Corner Hotel Tickets page



A Likeness - Dan Warner

A Likeness Of You by Dan Warner

Finally, after six years, my first solo album A LIKENESS OF YOU is back in my clutches. And you can now purchase the album in THE ORIGINAL SONG ORDER I INTENDED.

So where has the album been? It’s a long story, and finger-pointing won’t get us anywhere but, in short, owing to a clerical error and an erroneous clerk at one of my former labels, A LIKENESS OF YOU disappeared into the digital ether, never to be seen again.


I apologise if, in the past years, you have purchased a digital copy of A LIKENESS OF YOU believing that your hard-earned would end up in the pocket of the artist. Sadly not the case. Since the gate was left open in 2006, and the album ran away, I have not seen a sales figure or a dollar from any digital sales.

Nevertheless, the prodigal album has returned and you can now buy A LIKENESS OF YOU digitally, and safely, at the independent musicians music store, Bandcamp, here danwarner.bandcamp.com

The great thing for me about A LIKENESS OF YOU being up on Bandcamp is that I can present the album in the original song order (which was changed at the last minute before pressing – another long story).

Anyway, many of you will know that A LIKENESS OF YOU is a concept album of sorts. It is a portrait of a person, and a relationship, where the first half of the record is experience, and the second half, memory. Side One is more immediate – songs in a major key. Side Two is more reflective, minory…a definite chronology runs through the record. I just reckon when you hear A LIKENESS OF YOU open with ‘READY OR NOT’, the whole album makes more sense.

Anyway, I’m extremely glad the little tyke is back in the fold. PASTURES is my favourite song.