The Isle of Hop – Digital Release

I was talking to Al MacInnes on the phone today, saying how great it was that, over the past few weeks, a lot of old friends and supporters have been buying my albums on Bandcamp. Obviously, I have lost all my gigs – (like all Melbourne musos) – so, this show of support has been incredibly humbling – and encouraging.

So, Al and I thought it was about time we put up the Dan & Al album for anyone who wants to download it. is the only Dan & Al release and features lots of live/early versions of some of our original songs – Bernie, Fortuna, Circus Boy – plus a lot of other weird stuff.

Anyway, if you’re interested, here’s a link to the download – and, yep, this kind of support makes a huge difference. Thanks again to Al and to all

This is the sole release of the celebrated Melbourne 90s duo – Dan Warner and Al MacInnes. Dan & Al were known for their long residencies at The Punters Club, The Corner and The Great Britain.

All the tracks are single takes, recorded either live at a gig or live in the studio.

Every year, on the last Sunday before Christmas, Dan & Al play a reunion show at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne, Australia.
credits released August 4, 1999