Warner Corner – Mirrors

The theme this week was ‘mirrors’.

I love the Richmond Fontaine song ‘Polaroid’ – where the barman takes a photo of the distressed couple and puts it up on the bar-room mirror.

Just the three of us in this week. Thanks to Dave Evans and Greg Field for their great playing…


Accordion and BVs – Dave Evans; Mandolin – Greg Field; Guitar and Vocal – Dan Warner






Warner Corner – Alive

The theme this week was ‘Alive’.

Probably not the kind of celebratory song that JvG had in mind, but we chose ‘I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive’ by Hank Williams.

Brilliant playing by Nathan on bass, Ed on lap steel and Greg on violin. And live on the radio…


Bass – Nathan Farrelly; Resonator – Ed Bates; Violin – Greg Field; Guitar and Vocal – Dan Warner






Warner Corner – 2018 RRR Radiothon

The theme of Radiothon 2018 at RRR was ‘Stay Curious’. In this song, ‘It’s a Dream’, Neil Young mixes up up past and present, and memory and reality and just manages to hold on to some innocence – and simple love of simply being alive with the ones we love. But yeah, I’m rambling again.

Many of the Warner Corner regulars were out of town for this one. Thanks to the wonderful musicians who gave up their Sunday arvos – and thanks to all of you who subscribed to the station – we really appreciate it.


Bass – Pete Lawler; Piano – Clio Renner; Pedal Steel – Ed Bates; Guitar and Vocal – Dan Warner






Warner Corner – Somebody’s Something

Today’s theme on RRR was ‘Somebody’s Something’. 

Ed and Greg were both away, so I had to find a song to suit just the three of us…

This Tom Waits song ‘Ruby’s Arms’ got me when I was a young bloke – and it still has me. Such a great song, one of the best.

Nathan and Dave played beautifully.


Bass – Nathan Farrelly; Accordion – Dave Evans; Guitar and Vocal – Dan Warner






Warner Corner – Heading North

Today’s theme was ‘Heading North’. 

The first single of my first band The Warner Brothers back in 1992 was a song written by our guitar player, James Stewart. In the song, ‘Stuck in Melbourne’, the protagonist breaks down on ‘a hill north of KalKallo’ – a byway that used to be the first petrol stop out of town.

In the song the guy swears that the historical figure depicted on the $5 note, Caroline Chisolm, is frowning at him.

Today, Kalkallo is a suburb of Melbourne…and the bleedin’ queen has replaced Caroline Chisolm on the 5 dollar note. Both changes for the worse…

Guitar & BVs – Nathan Farrelly; guitar and vocal – Dan Warner