16 Days To Go in Crowdfunding Campaign!

Well I’m close, very close…

…but, yep, I very much need your help to finish my new record.

Today I’ve launched a Pozible (crowdfunding) campaign in the hope that supporters of my music will help me fund the last steps in the making of my record – so I can get the album printed, get it in its case and get the music out there!

I have a launch booked in Melbourne on Friday 24th October at The Kelvin Club, so time is getting short!

It’s simple – without you, I just won’t be able to get the project finished. As you know, my old record label collapsed and now my music is funded completely (by me). And funds are short!

Your help with the crowdfunding campaign will mean twelve more of my songs get onto CD and out into the world… You can be a real part of this project.

If you’re familiar with the idea of crowdfunding, the link is below. The campaign was launched just today – I have 17 days to go to reach the target. I really appreciate your help.



For those of you who’ve never heard the term, what is crowdfunding, and how does it work?

Crowdfunding sites, like Pozible, are a way for independent artists to fund new works with the help of their supporters – the fans who want to help their artists get new projects launched.

If you follow the link – you’ll find the Pozible site where I’ve put up a video about my new album, and written an essay about the project – how it was conceived and the progress that I’ve made.

On the Pozible site you can pledge funds to help me complete the project. Each pledge is matched with a reward – from a first press CD to a concert in your home. The Pozible site is highly respected and completely secure.

If I don’t make the amount I need to complete the project – all the pledged amounts are returned to the donors.

If you can spare some time (and a little cash), I’d really appreciate you having a look at the site.

Here’s the link again


Thanks for all your help. Hope to see you at the launch on 24th October.