Warner Corner – Shaky Ground

Typical Warner Corner
I have fond memories of this Uncle Tupelo record. Almost each Sunday without fail Mick Ruff, the barman at the old Punters’ Club hotel in Fitzroy, would play the album as Al and I set up for the regular Sunday spot. Mick always said that he would love to hear us play Fatal Wound. Didn’t quite get there, Mick, but here’s Shaky Ground instead.

Shaky Ground



Warner Corner – End Of Summer

This song,¬†Almost Autumn Days, is from my first solo album, ‘A Likeness of You’. There’s also a different version in another key on Overnight Jones’ final album, ‘Ice Bait Gas’.

In the song, the expectations of a young man are foiled by his own actions – the lost days of his youth haunt him for the rest of his life. Cheery stuff.

On this Sunday there were just the three of us in the studio: Ed Bates, Jane Hendry and me…

Almost Autumn Days



You can pickup a copy of the album here…

Warner Corner – Bay


Yep, the first week back and, appropriately for summer, JVG’s theme was ‘Bay’. Each year, returning to the Corner, I’ve tried to get myself out of the comfort zone…I was extremely nervous about starting 2012 with a soul classic. Let’s face it, I’m no soul singer, but, what the hell, I thought I may as well give ‘Dock of the Bay’ a crack. Luckily I was ably assisted by Ed Bates on steel and Dave Evans on accordion. They made swift instrumental work of the whistling theme!