Back hosting Ebb Tide on RRR for the summer

Pleased to announce that I’m back hosting my Ebb Tide show on 102.7 RRR FM in Melbourne over summer. The show is much the same as past years – some facts and figures behind 20 or so songs, all linked together by a loose theme – a very lazy Sunday afternoon summer radio show.

If you can’t get the show on the radio, you can always stream it live on  And here’s the link to the last show…/14485-ebb-tide-3-january-2021

Hope you can tune in for a show or two.



Warner Corner – Five Bells

This recording is actually from an Ebb Tide show from early 2020. The theme was ‘bodies of water’.

I’ve always loved the Kenneth Slessor poem, Five Bells, written about his mate Joe Lynch who drowned in Sydney Harbour (he fell off a ferry on his way to a party).

Anyway, I had a crack at reading Five Bells on the RRR show. I lopped off the opening invocation, just to shorten it a bit. I also made a couple of small mistakes – apologies to the purists.

My mate Mike Thatcher recorded it, mixed it and produced it – thanks Thatch!