Where To Get Dan’s Records…

1. Online

The quickest way to get Dan’s records is to download them from his Bandcamp site. All three solo albums are available there – as well as some other rare tracks.

So what’s Bandcamp? 

Bandcamp is a music download service, much like iTunes, but it is administered by the artists themselves. When you download an album from Bandcamp, you can be assured that the artist is getting paid directly for their work.

Will I be able to play an album downloaded from Bandcamp in iTunes?

Yes, of course. Simply drag the downloaded zip file from Bandcamp into iTunes and all will be well.

How do I pay?

The Bandcamp site uses PayPal for all record purchases.

Here’s the link to Dan’s Bandcamp site:

2. In Stores

Dan’s records are available in Readings stores in Melbourne – in Carlton, Hawthorn and St Kilda. Here’s the link:

In Melbourne’s CBD, Dan’s records are also stocked at The Basement Discs in The Block Arcade. And the link is:

3. Mail Order

Go to the Contact page of this site and send us a message. We can arrange to have a CD mailed to you anywhere in the world.