Curling on TV

ABC Story on the Daily Curl

Yes, it’s a little-known fact that when you type the word ‘busking’ into an SMS program, the predictive text function invariably changes the word to ‘curling’. It’s slightly scary that the word ‘curling’ is used more often in conversation than the word ‘busking’. Hmmm.

Anyway, many of you know from my daily ‘curling conditions’ report that most week mornings I’m partial to a bit of busking with my old mate from ‘The Band Who Knew Too Much’, Dave Evans.We love the practice – well, let’s face it, we just love playing…

Recently, local journo Tim Stone filmed a story about our daily curl for the ABC’s Arts program, ‘The Mix’. If you missed the show – here’s the link:

And if you’re passing through parliament Station in Melbourne of a morning – come and say hello!