It’s RRR Radiothon this Sunday!

RRR Radiothon JVG

For those of you who love community radio: our last RRR Radiothon show is on this Sunday 18th August.

As you probably know, for the past 15 years or so I have presented a weekly segment called ‘Warner Corner‘ as part of JVG’s RRR Sunday variety show – THE JVG RADIO METHOD. Each show includes segments such as ‘Bland on Bland’ (a poem from Ian Bland); ‘Fuller Shit’ (some philosophy from Keith Fuller) and ‘Dear Jon’ (a letter from Anthony Morgan in Tasmania). At the end of each year, Jon and I also run our big ‘BBQ Day’ fundraiser at Ceres.

Our show, and RRR, is all about supporting local music and presenting an independent voice – the station is totally funded by subscribers, so nobody leans over us and tells us what to say or what to play.

Radiothon is your chance to dig into your pocket and support the station – and keep us on the air! We’d love you to subscribe to our show during the last Radiothon show THIS SUNDAY 18th AUGUST. We’re on between 2 and 4pm, just ring up, or jump online and tell the friendly RRR folk that you’d like to subscribe to our show for another year – you can even subscribe to Warner Corner. Imagine!

Or you can come down in person to the show on Sunday at 2pm. We have live bands playing ‘PARTY’ songs for the entire two hours. Some of Melbourne’s best musicians will be performing FOR FREE. Many musical surprises will ensue. YOU ARE SO WELCOME!

The station is in East Brunswick on the corner of Blyth and Nicholson streets (at the end of the 96 line). If you can’t make it in person, the phone number is 9388 1027. And the web address is

Or just tune in and enjoy the great local music – 102.7 FM.