Warner Corner – Infinite Arms

Dan Warner
Dan Warner
Dan Warner solo

Today’s theme was ‘Telepathy’ – another tough task, courtesy of JVG.

I’d racked the old grey matter (ironically), trying to think of a suitable song for the segment. As I’d been on a bit of a Van kick – I decided ‘Vanlose Stairway’ might be a good choice, as the singer of the song seems to be reaching for some sort of astral connection with his lover.

There was no way that Vanlose Stairway would work without the urgent answering BV, so we’d arranged for Georgie and Roz to come in and sing with us on the day. Late the night before, however, it turned out that both Roz and Georgie would be unable to make it (and Dave and Ed also had other commitments).

So, at the last minute, we had to come up with a suitable ‘telepathic’ song.

On the morning of the show I sent Astral Weeks, Across The Universe and this Band of Horses song to Greg and Nathan. We were unanimous in selecting ‘Infinite Arms’. Nathan decided to play electric guitar, rather than bass.

This performance of Infinite Arms, then, was completely last minute. The way Greg’s and Nathan’s lines run together in the breaks is absolutely superb.

One of my favourite Warner Corners in the 20 years that the segment has been running.

Electric guitar – Nathan Farrelly; Violin – Greg Field; Vocal & Guitar – Dan Warner

Infinite Arms

Warner Corner – Slow Movers

JVG’s theme this week was ‘Slow Movers’.

I’ve always loved this Tom Waits song from the ‘Orphans’ box set – this one’s from the ‘Bawlers’ album.

Nothing like a little spiritual to take stock towards the end of the year.¬†Greg Field even whipped out his mando for the occasion…

Lap steel – Ed Bates; Accordion – Dave Evans; Mandolin – Greg Field; Vocal & Guitar – Dan Warner

Down There By The Train

Warner Corner – NY Telephone Conversation

JVG’s communication themes dragged on – this week the theme was ‘Telephones’.

My older brother was a big Lou Reed fan in our youth – I remember his friend’s band, The Boscos, playing ‘Vicious’ in ‘the undercroft’ of our Perth high school in 1978. You hit me with a flower…

We were down a few band members this weekend – Nathan and Dave saved the day…

Bass and BVs – Nathan Farrelly; Accordion and BVs – Dave Evans; Vocals & Guitar – Dan Warner

NY Telephone Conversation